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Catch the attention of passersby with unique, custom LED signs. At Los Angeles Sign Company, we create extraordinary, eye-catching customized illuminated signs that portray the essence of your brand. 

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Custom Illuminated Signs Made to Your Liking

If you’re looking for special, individualized signs, our variety of custom illuminated projects is the perfect solution. Whether it be custom illuminated signs and push-thru letters, or replica signs and backlit logos – whatever you can think of, we’ve got it.

When you choose Los Angeles Sign Company, the result is a custom LED sign designed to bring attention to your business. The options you have available with us are limitless. 

Unique Illuminated Signage Features

All of our custom signage solutions are known for their durability, high-quality finish, and protection against weather damage.

We have a ton of customization options that allow you to express your branding in whichever way you desire. Our experienced team of designers draws from a comprehensive assortment of lighting effects and colors to help your sign make the greatest influence.

As with all of our projects, they come professionally installed and securely fitted. The materials we use include acrylic, overlaminates, painted metal, and translucent vinyl among others, along with digitally-printed backlit signs. Lighting components use safe and reliable lights, wiring, parts, and fittings. 

Below are some examples of the custom LED signs that we can create for you. 

Your Custom Illuminated Project Options

For business owners, architects, or designers, eye-catching business signage makes all the difference. You not only want to dazzle employees and customers with storefront signage. You want your signage to be memorable from the very moment any individual lays eyes on it.

Los Angeles Sign Company has the experience, tools, and software necessary to allow you to discover the perfect sign for your space. We offer signs made of a variety of materials including stainless steel, acrylic, aluminum, and wood. Below are some of our specialized signage options.

Custom Pylon Sign

Pylon signs, also referred to as pole signs, are often selected for their durability and height. Able to withstand the elements while standing tall, pylon signs are perfect for advertising to all passersby

Illuminated Pylon

Backlit signs will add a sense of prestige and confidence to your conference rooms or meeting spaces. The cool halo lighting creates a fascinating glow that is subtle and not distracting.

Side-lit Acrylic Letters

Side-lit acrylic letters are made of high-quality acrylic and provide consistent illumination throughout the front face or edge side. The LEDs are protected by a clear acrylic sealing compound making letters suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Custom Front Store Sign - Logo

A custom front store sign is a classic method of signage that is renowned for conveying brand name and image. They’re perfect for outdoor advertising and help to increase your brand’s visibility. Above all else, they’re easy to display on the front of your building. 

Illuminated Reverse Letters

Backlit reverse letters add an alluring glow to your custom signs, giving the appearance of floating on a wall. Our team of professionals can design your letters in any font, size, and shape according to your needs.

Push-Thru Letters

As the name itself implies, the letters look like they have been pushed through the surface of the sign material. Unlike other types of signs, push-through letters are not directly mounted to the wall. Instead, they are fixed onto a metal back which is then attached to the wall. 

The frame for the letters on a push-through sign is an aluminum or Dibond box. The surface layer has a cut-out through which the acrylic letters push out, giving it a signature look. The backlit letters add the finishing touches, advertising your brand name and logo in any space.

Custom Backlit Logo

LED-backlit signs work well both indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s day or night, the excellent halo effect makes your sign always be the focus, fit for business, building, and home. 

The halo effect is best for making your custom signs appear to be floating on the wall. It’s a beautiful addition to any business, and eye-catching to customers, employees, and passersby. It is commonly referred to as LED halo lit signs or LED reverse channel signs. 

Engraved Lit Acrylic Sign

The idea behind these signs is that a design etched into a transparent sheet will diffract light that enters through the side. The result is that the sign appears to glow in some spots while others remain transparent. 

If you use a laser to engrave a sheet of acrylic and then line one edge of the sheet with LEDs, the light will travel through the sheet and be diffracted outwards by the etching. This makes the etching light up, seemingly floating in midair, while the rest of the sheet remains transparent.

Customized Replica Signs

Have a design in mind that’s world-famous but with your own twist on it? The great thing about customized replica signs is that they invoke a sense of familiarity when looking at them. However, the difference is that we can customize them to reflect your own logo or brand name. You end up with a memorable sign that passersby can immediately synergize with, generating appeal with customers and colleagues. 

Painted 3D Metal Logo

Much like our metal letter options, our custom-painted 3D metal signs are designed and manufactured to achieve your specific vision. Raw materials are sourced from a variety of origins and include aluminum, stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass, and acrylic. 

Our custom metal logos are a great choice for indoor or outdoor illuminated signs. The finished result helps to portray a professional, modern look.

Illuminated 3D Metal Sign

If you want your business to have a little extra kick in catching attention, we can create an internally illuminated 3D metal sign. This can be a major factor in helping your business stand out. It’s a great choice for exterior storefront signage, offices, apartment buildings, and other businesses that operate at night.

Front Illuminated Channel Letters

Channel letters are large three-dimensional letters that are internally illuminated. Indoor channel letters are a great way to welcome guests into any space. The lack of pressure from weather, water, or temperature changes gives you a wide selection of materials and designs to choose from. 

3D Sculpture Letters - Numbers

3D sculpture signs bring immediate attention to your storefront from a distance. This helps to convey your business name and logo to passersby as well as drivers, establishing your brand in a huge, unnoticeable way. 

3D Backlit Rust Letters

Rusted raw metal letters are among our most unique metal sign options. We illuminate these externally using a standard backlit lighting style that stands off the wall surface 1 - 2’’. 

This creates the classic halo lighting effect, increasing potential interest in your brand and business. All of our rust signage is finished and sealed with a clear protective coating, ensuring defense against the natural elements. 

White 3D LED Box

When you want to light up your storefront and freshen your business image, an LED lightbox sign can illuminate your business name and logo. Whether it’s midday or nighttime, a brightly lit sign cabinet will help you get the attention of the crowd with ease.

Custom Neon Signs

Neon signs bring your bare walls to life and create a beautiful ambiance in any room of your home or business. The rich warm glow is perfect for setting the mood, whether you are ready to turn it up and party, or if you are settling in for a relaxing movie night at home.

RGB-Controlled Illuminated Letters

This option allows for custom illuminated letters that give you remote control over the lighting and color. Whether your space calls for a cool blue glow or an exciting red backdrop, RBG-controlled illuminated letters give you the ultimate control over the ambiance you want your space to convey. 

Personalized Marquee Sign

This vintage-style sign is made to look like an old-time movie theater marquee. You'll love how it looks over the entry to your movie room, with authentic details like large letters and "light bulb" graphics.

Background Illuminated Logo

This is a great choice for custom live performances. Our background illuminated logos are designed for stage concerts and entertainment, providing eye-catching visuals that greatly complement any act. 

Concert Illuminated Neon Signs

Neon signs are a staple in creating a beautiful ambiance in homes and businesses. This is what makes them a great accessory for live music concerts. The rich warm glow creates an atmosphere perfect for a local DJing party, or private movie showings.

Make Your Business Stand Out with Custom LED Signs

Take your company to the next level with a custom LED sign. Make your business stand out far above any competitors with the help of one of Los Angeles’ most innovative design companies. Get a free estimate today and learn how custom illuminated signs can elevate your business signage.

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