Custom Metal Plaques Designed to Your Preference

The Los Angeles Sign Company Provides Custom Designed Metal Plaques, Known for Their Sleek Lines, Durability, and Elegant Appeal.

Stunning Metal Plaques to Commemorate, Honor, Display, and Dedicate

Nothing expresses respect, distinction, and eternal dignity quite like a beautifully crafted custom metal plaque. If you’re looking for an exquisite bespoke metal plaque, call our friendly team today.

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Custom Metal Plaques

Metal plaques are a popular kind of attractive signage composed of solid, high-quality, and long-lasting metals such as bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel, or aluminum. Buildings, parks, historic sites, monuments, and awards are often commemorated with metal plaques. The ability to customize the plaques in such intricate detail, as well as a variety of mounting choices, makes them perfect for displaying unique designs and photos.

Metal Plaque Styles and Finishes

We can create stunning metal plaques in a wide variety of styles and finishes. The coatings, thicknesses, and unique border choices can all be tailored to your preference and our custom metal finishes include oxidized, patina, polished, and painted designs.

Types of Metal Plaques

Wall plaques may be seen in a variety of places, including workplaces, churches, synagogues, and retail establishments. They're one of the most popular methods of commemorating someone or something unique in Los Angeles.

Organizations and companies often utilize these plaques as a way of recognizing staff, thanking donors to a non-profit, as building, office, and door signs, and as a visible method of honoring a heroic accomplishment or a notable life. Sometimes, a company, government, or institution will design its own signage for a specific event or site.

Memorial Metal Plaques

At the Los Angeles Sign Company, our talented team can design a gorgeous etched, precision-crafted, or cast memorial plaque for you, whether you want to honor a person, a pet, or a special event.

Plaques of Dedication

From employee appreciation to a room or building dedication, our eye-catching bespoke metal plaques are a great way to commemorate someone or something important to you or your organization.

Donor Plaques

Our striking personalized donor plaques can boost your fundraising efforts by instilling a feeling of ownership and pride in your organization and in your supporters.

Plaques for Veterans and Military Personnel

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine metal plaques are among the most popular military and government designs.

LEED Certification Plaques

Our LEED plaque highlights the features of your design that receive LEED certification and recognizes important project participants professionally.

Plaques for Historic Sites

Mark historic locations with custom-made plaques that are guaranteed for life and will not fade in the face of severe weather.

Plaques with Addresses

Custom address plaques, whether placed in the front of your property or directly on the door or mailbox, will stand out and make it easy for guests to find you.

Garden Plaques and Memorial Bench Plaques

Park bench and garden plaques are a respectful and fitting way to remember, honor, a person, an event, or a location in a public space.

Relief Plaques Customized with Photographs

Photo relief plaques are a great way of adding highly detailed, high-quality photos to a metal plaque for a memorial, dedication, award, or special honor.

Metal Plaque Material Choices

At Los Angeles Sign Company, we understand the significance of memorial plaques, and how they must be custom made not just with every aesthetic aspect in mind, but also as cost-effectively possible. That's why we provide a variety of distinctive plaque designs to suit any occasion or budget, including casting and etching choices. Our plaques are available in a wide range of sizes and materials, including:


Combining cutting-edge technology with tried-and-true methods, aluminum is a practical and popular material for creating a lasting, high-quality plaque.


If you want your plaque to have a classic appearance and stand out from other signs, choose pure brass. Brass has a traditional vintage feel that is perfect for displaying detailed photographs and text.


Copper plaques are ideal for both interior and outdoor designs, making this metal material versatile and the metal of choice for many uses.


Silver plaques are typically the highlight feature of a corporate area or building, and this attractive material has an unrivaled appearance.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel plaques are a popular option because of their structural strength, low-maintenance qualities, and attractive finish.


Solid bronze plaques have a classic appearance and an almost antique feel, which will make your design stand out.

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Why Choose Metal Plaques?

Metal plaques are often used by organizations and businesses to effectively advertise their brand and services. Among their many advantages are:


Metal plaques are the most distinctive way to advertise a company; logos engraved on metal plaques always give a distinguished and professional appearance.


High-quality metal plaques are unrivaled in terms of durability and longevity, which makes them a reliable and cost-effective form of advertising.


Metal plaques are versatile and may be used both inside and outdoors for a variety of purposes, including decoration, signage, memorials, and honoring an event, location, or person.


Vintage metal plaques are the best way to highlight historic buildings and monuments because of their traditional appearance.

Whatever sort of plaque you'd like made, and for whatever reason, the Los Angeles Sign Company can create exactly what you’re looking for at a price you can afford.

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Where Can Metal Plaques Be Used?

Metal plaques have traditionally been used in cemeteries and museums, but with such a large range of options now available, they are now being utilized in commercial settings, to showcase diplomas, awards, and recognize an accomplishment or a person.

Metal plaques are often used in the following locations:


Building plaques, such as navigation signs, address plaques, mailbox numbers, and others, are common types of plaques that come in a range of forms and sizes.


A plaque on your desk or in the reception area is a discreet way to let clients know about your certifications, expertise, philanthropic efforts, and dedication to quality.

Memorials and Monuments

Memorial plaques are the most enduring and permanent way to honor the life of a loved one.

Professional Certifications

Plaques may be used to show a diploma or other achievement or certificate earned so that customers are aware of the degree of education or community status of the individual concerned.

Ceremonial Occasions

Plaques with a phrase and a date to recall ceremonial events are a simple but effective way to celebrate significant and memorable occasions.

Historic Properties

Casting a historic plaque in solid bronze or copper will give it a timeless air and attract the public to learn more about it.

Assistance with Permits

Some signs need permission to be placed in specific areas. We can either help you get an LA sign permit or guide you through the process.

In Los Angeles, sign Licences are necessary for a range of sign kinds, and there may be limitations on certain other types of signs used on your property. Our extensive knowledge of the sign industry can help you determine which sign permits are required. We can even assist you with the application procedures.


How Our Design and Ordering Process Works

If you require custom metal plaques in LA, our crew is ready to give all the help and guidance you need to make your plaque a reality. Every single customer is important o us and we will do our best to match your design and concept as flawlessly and professionally as possible.

From sign consultation, design, and fabrication through to sign installation, we've got you covered. Here’s how the process works:

One: Give Us a Call or Complete a Quote Form

Get in touch and tell us all about your custom project. The more information you can give us, the better. Our team can then work with your ideas to create custom signage that's sure to delight.

Two: Receive a Custom Quote

Once we have the details, we will give you a custom quote and delivery time. We'll work with you until you are happy with everything.

Three: Approve the Quote

Once you’ve approved everything, you can accept your quote and make payment so we can start production on your custom project.

Four: Get it Made

Sit back and relax while our skilled artisans create your plaque.

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