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Blending functional excellence, decorative appeal and long-lasting value It's all about visibility and identity. The easiest way for a brand to get noticed is a signage that stands out even from a far and captures the brand's identity. Custom signs can make your business known, but an effective custom sign is one that:

. Attracts new customers

. Brands in the minds of your customers

. Creates impulse sales

. Enhances the look of your community

Custom Signs Los Angeles understands these and more, and we can work with you to produce a truly personalized, durable and top-notch signage that speaks of your brand or business.

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Los Angeles Signage

Outdoor Signs

An outdoor sign is an easy way to get your brand and your business known to the public. That sign hanging outside your store or office building can go a long way in boosting the publicity and visibility of your business.

Custom Business Signs,

Got a new product, a service or an event you'd like to promote? Then, custom business signs should do the trick. Get the word out about that new discount sale this season or a concert you're sponsoring to the public on a grand, big scale with custom business signs.

Corporated Signs

A professionally-designed corporate sign instills trust in your clients, builds and reinforces a positive reputation for your business, and helps bring in the gains for your business. Corporate signs placed outside your office or building space provides excellent publicity and visibility for your business.

Office Signs.

An office's interior says a lot about the company and largely influences the morale and working attitude of the employees. This is why companies and businesses put a lot of effort and money to achieve a professional look for their offices.

Building Signs,

Depending on what you need or want, there is a wide range of building signs you can choose from. If you're after maximizing space, wall mounted building signs can be your best choice. .

Interior Signs,

From dimensional letters, room names to wall plaques and building and office directories, interior and indoor signs blend well functionality and aesthetics. They're regular, standard furnishing in shopping malls, banks, libraries to hospitals and event venues and conference halls.

Dimensional Logo

Your business logo is your identity, the one that your brand is known for and identified. It therefore makes sense that your logo appears in all your promotional and publicity materials, and possibly always the thing included in your business. customized signage.

Illuminated Signs,

Consider illuminated business signs as the beacons that draw customers to your business especially at night. They're one of the most sophisticated and excellent ways to get your business noticed by the public.

Custom Metal Plaques

Sleek lines, durability, functional and minimalist appeal, these are trademark characteristics of customized metal plaques, from wall plaques, building signage to landmark and memorabilia plaques.

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Los Angeles Custom Signs

Custom Signs Los Angeles is no stranger in the signs industry. We have over a decade of experience designing and manufacturing a wide array of office and outdoor signs for the Los Angeles area businesses. Our team of creative experts and skilled craftsmen can produce personalized, functional and visually appealing signage for your business.

We'll help you create a phenomenal sign that will create the right buzz among your target clients and customers. We'll begin with a visit to your location and a site survey to see the area where your intended signage is to be placed. From there, we'll work on designing the perfect signage right through setting and installing it up.

We have worked with various industries, from corporate, entertainment to industrial and retail. We also work with clients in the Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County areas.

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Los Angeles Sign Company sure knows what they're doing, definitely the guys you can trust to help you get the buzz and visibility you want for your business. We approached them to ask for ideas for the signage we want, and they have the designs ready in a week. Creative designs, reliable service . they tell you what works and they deliver exceptionally well! Made the right decision to go to Los Angeles Sign Company.

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We were looking for a company to help us give our store's signage some facelift. We wanted something easily noticed, modern, sleek and sophisticated. The guys at Los Angeles Sign company were amazing, and our storefront is definitely something you wouldn. 't miss with our customized lighted sign, all thanks to this company's creative team!

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