Get Noticed With Custom Illuminated Signs, Letters and Logos

Highlight your brand day or night and draw attention to your business name or logo with premium quality illuminated signs in LA.  

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Illuminated Sign Features

We blend eye-catching graphics with a variety of light effects to help your sign stand out from the rest. From backlit logos to illuminated sign boxes and channel letters, or anything else you can think of – we can make it. 

The incredibly durable and high-quality materials are crafted in a way to make your indoor and outdoor signs stand the test of time. We use translucent vinyl, overlaminates, polished metal, acrylic, and light management films among others, as well as digitally-printed backlit signs. 

Our outdoor lighted signs are specifically designed and manufactured with the best materials to endure the LA weather. You don't have to worry about fading, water damage, or sun damage.  

The lighting components are professionally installed into every sign using reliable and secure lights, wiring, parts, and fittings. We create a wide variety of lighting effects and colors to help your signs achieve maximum impact. Here are some examples of what we can create for you. 

Illuminated Signs Options

As a business owner, architect, or designer you want captivating building signage. Customers and colleagues should be dazzled by your storefront signage, reception area logo sign, and conference room wall display. Having a custom sign made with innovative ideas and materials will give your business a presence of professionalism and confidence. 

Our team of expert custom illuminated sign designers will help you discover the perfect sign for your space and purpose. We design and manufacture an array of lighted sign options to suit your branding with a new edge. Here are some examples.

Exterior Front and Back Lit Channel Letters

Channel letters are large three-dimensional letters that are internally illuminated. They are often used for exterior signage on the front of buildings and are made with durable weatherproof materials. Combine these with front and rear lighting, and you'll get a halo effect which results in the most striking illuminated sign.

Interior Front and Back Lit Channel Letters

Using channel letters indoors is an excellent way to welcome guests into your building. Without the pressure of weather, water, and temperature damage, you have a wider selection of materials and designs to choose from. 

3D Backlit Mirrored Gold LED Letter Signs

This is a very popular choice for a luxury high-end look. The 3D letters are backlit in a way that gives them a golden glow. The high-quality brass letters are polished to a mirrored finish to reflect the golden light.

Backlit Colored Letters

We use low voltage RGB colored lights to give your lettering the perfect glow for an interesting and exciting visual effect. We only use state-of-the-art LED lights which are not only kinder to your energy bills but offer the perfect level of illumination.

Illuminated Logos

We specialize in recreating your company logo into a durable 3D light-up sign. Help your customers find you with a large illuminated logo on your storefront.

Backlit Custom Logo

If you don't want your logo illuminated internally, we can create a logo display that stands out off the walls with an inviting glow behind it. This is a very effective strategy to help logos stand out. It's perfect for exterior storefront signage, apartment buildings, offices, and businesses operating through the night. 

Illuminated Corporate Logos

Impress your business partners, colleagues, and potential clients with a monumental illuminated corporate logo on your office wall. Be proud to show off your company name or logo with a light-up sign that shows you mean business.

Pan Channel Logo Contour Shape

Get a softer glow and great ambiance without being too overpowering. Reverse channel or halo-lit channel letters are where the individual letters light from the back of the letter and shine onto the wall behind.

The channel letter has a fabricated face and returns made of aluminum and painted to match any branding color. There is a clear backing to diffuse the light for even illumination.

Aluminum Back-Lit Signs

For a sharp clean and edgy look, aluminum is a popular choice for illuminated signs. It is lightweight and anti-rust which makes it perfect for either indoors or outdoors. It can be painted any color and reflects the back-lights for an impressive 3D effect. 

Custom 3D Aluminum Letters - Logos

Custom metal pan channel letters are a very popular illuminated sign type for businesses. The pan houses the electrical lighting components and can be mounted directly into the building fascia. 

Reverse Channel Lit Letters 

These consist of aluminum faces and sides mounted onto stand-offs away from the wall. They produce a shadow during the day and illuminate from the back at night with a pleasing glow. You can choose neon or LED illumination to suit your taste.

Stainless Steel Polished Lighted Letters 

Our metal halo illuminated sign letters are by far the best in the industry. They are meticulously crafted by hand from 16, 18, 22, and 24 gauge alloys 304 and 316 stainless steel sheets. Our master craftsmen can make any signage out of stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze with a surprisingly fast turnover. 

Hanging 3D Illuminated Signs

Great for restaurants, receptions, and public transport hubs, our overhead 3D illuminated signs will certainly grab people's attention. Choose from a variety of colors and lighting effects and have fun with the designs. They are professionally installed and secured to the ceiling for ultimate safety.

'LED Ready' Signs

Our signage can come fully equipped with all the lighting you need, or they can be delivered 'LED ready' for you to install the lighting yourself. LED included signs come with the required power packs and are LUX tested for optimal halo effects.


Can My Existing Branding Be Used for My Illuminated Signs?

Yes, our expert design team will incorporate any branding design you need for your new illuminated signs. 

Do You Make Illuminated Logos or Graphics?

Yes, we can make any lettering, logos, graphics, and designs into show-stopping LED signs and displays for indoors or outdoors.

Can You Create a New Design for My Business?

We sure can! Our imaginative design team will discuss with you what you have in mind and create a stunning light-up sign design that will boost your brand. 

How Much Do Illuminated Signs Cost?

Every signage project is custom so we provide a free estimate after we have discussed what you need. We accept all major payment methods and provide fast shipping across the US. 

Can You Install My Illuminated Signs?

Yes, we offer a full installation service for our customers whether they purchased their signs from us or not. We have professional installation machinery and equipment to allow us to install large signage of any kind.

What Happens if the Lights Go Out in My New Illuminated Signs?

We'll be there in no time to fix it for you. Just let us know and our professional electricians and sign service technicians will find the problem and conduct professional repairs. We will replace any required parts and get your sign back up and running in no time.

What Size Signs Can You Make?

Any size! We have the facilities and expertise to be able to create the illuminated signs you need no matter how large or small.

How Long Will My New Illuminated Signs Last?

All of our signs come with a lifetime guarantee so you never have to worry about potential malfunctions or mishaps. We offer the best sign maintenance service and help you understand what you can do to prolong the life of your signs. 

Do I Need a Permit for Metal Sign Letters?

The Los Angeles Department of Building and safety state there are more than a dozen types of signs that require signage permits. Unlike other sign companies in LA, our experienced team can deal with the entire signage permit process for you.

Do You Ship Outside of LA?

Yes, we often design and manufacture all kinds of illuminated signs and ship across the US. 

How Do I Order Illuminated Signs?

Call 800-898-8618 or check out our contact page and get in touch to speak to our team about what you're looking for. We will arrange a site survey at your property to take measurements and discuss designs with you. 

Achieve Maximum Impact With Illuminated Signs

Don't settle for a standard sign for your business. Light up your company name and let your branding shine above the rest with a custom illuminated sign from one of the leading sign companies in Los Angeles. Get in touch to find out how we can take your business signage to the next level with illuminated signs.

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Illuminated Signs

You're sure to see illuminated sign in every building and business that operates day and night, hospitals, gas stations, shopping malls and convenience stores, drug stores, restaurants to 24/7 hole-in-the-wall coffee shops, discos and bars. Illuminated signs

Blend graphics and light, creating standout, hard-to-notice signage that entice people to come in and see what's on offer. They certainly are perfect advertising for your business day and night. If you want durability and long-lasting value paired with high visual impact, then illuminated signs are a worthy investment for your business. Custom Signs Los Angeles uses a range of high-quality materials to create high impact illuminated signs. We use translucent vinyl, light management films, overlaminates, among others, and also produce digitally-printed backlit signs. All these are produced using only the best light and electrical parts to produce the visual effect you want. We also offer installation and maintenance services for your backlit signs so they continue to deliver strong visual impact.

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