Designing the perfect structural support for your brand’s signage

From brackets and wall mountings to posts and panel foundations, Custom Signs Los Angeles can provide the structural support you need for your signage. We engineer customized structures made of a range of materials including steel, aluminum, concrete and even wood!

los angeles sign engienering services

What’s the use of a signage if you have no way to hang it to or mount it on? Structural foundations such as posts and panels and even brackets and wall stands are just as important as your signage. Without these structures, there is no way for your signage to be seen and deliver the kind of publicity and visibility that you want for your business..

Designing the perfect,.. This is why part of the sign site survey is to also identify what structural foundations you have available – and might need – in order to fully maximize the visibility and advertising you can get from your signage. And just as we help you put together your signage design, we also engineer and manufacture specialized structures for your signage. These structures are tailor fit to your sign’s design and installed in the most strategic of places to minimize disruption to traffic, visibility and mobility..

These sign structures are produced with the same care and attention we give in producing your signs. The structures pass through strict testing and quality assurance standards to ensure that they remain sound, safe, and long-lasting. Our sign engineering services are typically offered as part of a package (along with sign design and manufacturing), but we also do commissioned and individual structural sign engineering jobs.