Signage Restoration - Preservation

We make the old look new, your signage may be a decade-old but that doesn’t mean it can’t look better. Los Angeles Sign Company can be trusted when it comes to sprucing up your signs and giving it a new look. We restore and repair all signs just the way you would want it.

Sign restoration at Chateau Marmont, Sunset Strip, hollywood, california

That decade-old signage in your family-owned shop may have stood the test of time. It may even have already become part of your brand’s signature look. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a little polishing and sprucing up to make it look better and new.

Sign maintenance and sign restoration are important to maintain that positive appeal for your brand and to make sure that it continues to stand out amidst the competition. A little sprucing up is certainly a worthwhile investment that can bring greater returns for your business. Sign restoration also covers sign repair. Some signs may have been damaged due to exposure to the elements or simply because of wear and tear over time. Sign repair is all part of your business marketing plan that you should have coverage for.

No worries now because Custom Signs Los Angeles provides one of the best sign restoration services in the Los Angeles area. Having put up numerous signs for startups to medium and large-scale enterprises, we are also very familiar with the inevitable need for sign repair and restoration. Our team of craftsmen and artists will happily work with you to restore your signs. We do repainting, polishing, tracing, reprinting of graphics – and many more.