Starting the right way with signage design

Get professional and expert guidance in designing the perfect signage for your brand. Our sign site survey lets us know what you need and helps make that important decision on what sign would work best for your business depending on location and preference.

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There is never a haphazard way to designing and creating a signage for your business. Before we can even produce the design you want, it is important to have a general idea of your business, where you’re located, how your neighborhood and surrounding environment look like, and the structures available in your area that we can make use of for your business signage.

This is why a sign site survey is important. All too often, we may discover too late that there are no posts or panels in the building for hanging or mounting your signs, or that you will need additional electrical work in order to install and set up an illuminated sign. Others may find out too late, without any expert guidance, that the sign they had created is too big for their space. Some insist on signage that distract, rather than enhance and complement, their office’s design.

With a sign site survey, we’ll scope out your area to see what we’re working with, whether additional work is needed for the kind of signage you have in mind, and finally, offer you the best signage options you can consider. What we’ll find out from this site survey will help both you and our team in deciding the design and materials needed for your signage. Our team can also be assured to perform the site survey in the most convenient, non-disruptive way possible for your business. We’ll ask you a bunch of questions, take a quick tour and snap some photos, and then sit down with you to talk – no hassle, no stress!