Precision Metal Letters for Your Custom Metal Signs

Grab the attention of your customers and say it in style with metal sign letters. Eye-catching metal letters are essential for custom metal signs to portray the essence of your brand.

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Metal Sign Letter Features

  • Custom designing available
  • Use your existing brand font or logo
  • Quality metals and alloys
  • Durable and secure fittings and fixtures
  • Choose from brass, aluminum, bronze, or stainless steel
  • Variety of thicknesses and finishes
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes 
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Installation available
  • Metal Letters come with a lifetime guarantee

Metal Letter Options

Our custom metal dimensional letters are designed and manufactured to achieve your specific vision. Perhaps you want a polished brass sign for a professional edge or striking mirrored letters to attract customers. Whatever you need, we have the design and materials to suit your requirements. 

Flat Cut Brass Letters

The distinctive color of brass is created from the copper and zinc alloy. Give your business signage a presence of elite-quality or traditional classiness with flat-cut brass lettering in your desired font. Brass is incredibly durable despite its delicate appearance, making it the perfect option for more exposed outdoor locations as well as indoors. 

Polished Flat Cut Brass Letters

For an extra special effect that will make your metal sign letters look like pure gold, try polished brass. Achieve an extravagant look that gives a feeling of authority, experience, and value. We take extra care to buff and polish our brass lettering to perfection that will last generations.

3D Brass Letters

For brass lettering that will seriously stand out, our 3D option will make your lettering pop! You get the lavish look of brass but with the impact of 3D letters in a brushed, polished, or oxidized finish. 3D lettering can cast atmospheric shadows or provide space for lighting behind the letters.

Flat Cut Aluminium Sign Letters

This option is durable and stylish with a variety of finishes available for great versatility. Painted aluminum letters have the sleek shine of aluminum but with the vibrant colors of your branding.

Flat Cut Brushed Aluminum

Aluminum is an excellent material for external metal sign letters in the coastal city of LA. Precision cut from sheets of solid aluminum, flat cut aluminum provides an upmarket feel. The brushed finish offers a subtle statement of modern professionalism. 

Satin Aluminium Letters

A natural satin finish on aluminum sign letters is created with a super fine verticle grain. This style is just as at home in a retro diner as it is in an upmarket auto showroom. The soft yet edgy satin effect pleases a range of tastes. 

Custom Aluminum 3D Letters 

Going 3D with aluminum is easy due to its lightweight and durability. Popular for logos and large signs, 3D aluminum is a number one choice for businesses and commercial buildings. 

Cut Aluminum Letters

Rustproof aluminum is perfect for most weather conditions, which makes it the most popular material for outdoor metal signage. It's also lightweight, so larger designs are easier to install and maintain.

Flat Cut Stainless Steel Letters

Architectural grade durable stainless steel signage looks impressive every time. Cut from solid stainless steel plates, we use lasers and water jet cutters to craft your design. You'll get super-sharp precise logos and lettering for a sleek professional look.

Polished Stainless Steel Numbers

Catch the eye of customers trying to find you with our ultra-polished stainless steel numbers. These are great for indoor or outdoor use and offer a refined effect on your business signage. The polished finish catches the light perfectly and can be easily maintained.

Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters

Our experienced craftsmen can create your specific design without cutting it from solid sheet metal. This allows ultimate design flexibility to give you what you need with an incredibly sharp finish. We use lead-free silver solder for weather-resistant sharp edges. 

Mirrored Stainless Steel Letters

The ultimate eye-catching design in the sunny city of LA. What better way to draw attention to your business name or building signage than with mirrored stainless steel. We mount mirrored stainless steel letters onto brushed stainless steel panels for ultimate durability.

Fabricated Metal Letters

Fabrication involves cutting, bending, shaping, and assembling metal. This is a specialist process for more complicated metal letter designs. We are passionate about creating intricately detailed designs for a unique effect. 

Custom Stainless Steel Letters

The coastal air of Los Angeles can cause rust, corrosion, and tarnishing of metal signs. Our best-quality stainless steel signs are designed to resist the marine climate and last a lifetime. Your custom design will remain pristine and attract business for years to come.  

Painted Metal Letters

Using durable and weather-proof aluminum letters, we use a variety of paints to achieve the color you want. You can get the exact font and branding colors for your custom design. We offer durable powder coating or automotive paint to help the color and finish last for years. 

Metal on Acrylic Letters

You can have the deluxe appearance of metal lettering on a smaller budget with our acrylic option. Thinner metal letters are mounted on acrylic letters to keep the cost low compared to solid metal letters. Choose from satin, brushed, or polished finish to suit your style. 

Raw Rusted Metal Letters

The look of rusted metal of the most unique custom metal sign options. It looks at home in the most elite jewelry store as well as a rustic beach bar. It's an effect that will catch people's eye because it's different from regular signage and sparks interest. 

Rusted raw metal letters are available in every size and style, just like our other metal letter options. The end rust result will vary due to the natural rusting process. It is finished and sealed with a clear protective coating. 

Metal Sign Letter Design & Details

  • Metal sign letter dimensions vary with every custom design
  • Various material thicknesses are available
  • Custom designs are available in a range of materials, sizes, fonts, and finishes
  • Raw materials are sourced from a variety of origins
  • Made in the USA
  • Materials include
    • Aluminum
    • Stainless steel
    • Cor-ten steel
    • Copper
    • Bronze
    • Brass
    • Acrylic
  • Aluminum and Bronze cast letters are also available
  • Around 100 stock fonts or custom fonts are available
  • Metal letters designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor signage for commercial and residential properties


Can my metal sign letters be made using my company font?

Yes of course. Our design team will work with you to ensure you get the font and style you need in your custom metal signs.

How long will my metal letters last outdoors?

Enjoy a lifetime guarantee on our metal letters. We will suggest the best durable materials for your location to help them last in the intense LA climate. There are coating and finishing options such as powder coating to help your dimensional letters stand the test of time. 

What do metal letters cost?

We provide a free estimate and quote individually for every project. Get in touch to find out how much your metal lettering design would cost. We accept all major payment methods and will arrange fast shipping to your requested location.

Do you ship outside of LA? 

Yes, we can manufacture metal letters to order and ship across the US. 

Do I need a permit for metal sign letters?

The Los Angeles Department of Building and safety state there are more than a dozen types of signs that require signage permits. Our experienced team can deal with the entire signage permit process so you can save time and focus on your business. 

How do I order?

Call 800-898-8618 or check out our contact page and get in touch to speak to our team about your order. We will arrange a consultation and visit your property to take measurements. We will work with you to perfect your design before we start manufacturing. 

What size can metal letters be?

Whatever size you need! (within reason). We cater to a huge variety of sizes and shapes of metal letters. Get in touch to tell us what size you need and we will let you know if it's possible. 

How do my metal letters get installed?

We offer a full installation service in LA, or you are welcome to arrange installation yourself.

Can you design my metal sign letters?

We certainly can! Our expert design team can capture your brand identity and convert it into impactful signage and metal letter design

How do I maintain my metal sign letters?

We give you great tips on how to maintain your metal letter signage. We recommend periodic inspections and repainting or polishing to help them last longer and maintain their look.

Make an Impact with Metal Sign Letters in LA

Say it out loud with premium custom metal signs and precision metal letters from LA's leading signage company. Draw the attention of your target audience with clever designs and the best quality finishing on durable metal sign letters that will last a lifetime. 

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