Custom 3D Letters for Signage | Plastic and Acrylic Letters

If you are looking for a popular alternative to traditional glass signs, then acrylic signage with 3D letters is the best way to pronounce your brand. These types of signs are known for their durability and protection against natural UV lighting. They also offer tons of customization options so you can showcase your brand's identity. Otherwise referred to as "plexiglass," acrylic signs are the preferred options for many modern businesses.

At Los Angeles Design Company, we provide a variety of custom signs for placement throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Our signs help increase visibility, drive brand awareness, and can enhance the look of your community. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your sign ideas.

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Types of Acrylic Signs

There are multiple design options for acrylic/plastic signs. Each style has its own unique features and benefits. Picking a design type comes down to your preferred sign placement, visibility, and a number of other factors. Understanding the types of signs available is the first step to making a decision.

3D Acrylic Signs

Add style and depth to your business signage through 3D letters. These types of signs work well in both indoor and outdoor settings. We can tailor your sign to fit different specs in terms of sizes, colors, and depths. You can also opt between mounted or a hanging style depending on the look you are going for and desired location of the sign.

Front Printed Signs

The most basic version of acrylic signage, front printed signs serve as perfect mediums for logo prints or acrylic door signs with some type of creative graphic (can be your logo). In most cases, these types of signs are mounted using standoffs, which look like 4 pegs in each corner that create a small separation between the sign and mounting wall. We can provide other mounting options as well.

Freestanding Signs

Another creative option is to have a large freestanding acrylic sign. These acrylic signs are very popular for special events and can be transported with ease. You have the option of making them into containers so that the sign can be filled with an object. This creates an opportunity for some creative branding depending on what you choose to fill the containers with. You may also leave them blank to give the sign a more 3D look and feel.

Illuminated Acrylic Signs

The acrylic "plexiglass" design is inherently clear. This gives the user a lot of creative leeway in making their sign pop. One way to draw attention to your sign is through LED illumination. You can play around with other sign materials to create different visual and lighting effects. These are very popular within reception spaces and the bulbs used can be energy efficient to save you overhead costs.

Branded Desk Signs

The reception desk area is often customers' first physical interaction with your business. Having a strong brand presence within this space sets the tone early and can help your business look professional. Custom acrylic signs for desks can be fitted to all kinds of dimensions, styles, colors, and more. You can opt for the company name and logo, employee names, or even have an acrylic sign with directions for visitors. The possibilities are endless!

Custom Acrylic Designs

If you have an idea for an acrylic sign or are looking for another way to explore the sign possibilities, simply contact our team to learn more about what is possible. We are happy to work with you in finding the sign of your dreams. We have the technology to make your dream sign a reality and love finding new and creative ways to showcase brands through acrylic signs.

Where to Use Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs have lots of versatility. There are many factors going into sign placement and usage. Our team can help you pinpoint where a sign goes and which type of sign you will need. Whether your sign has marquee letters, 3D letters, or some other design element, our team can help you decide where it will fit best. Below are some common examples of acrylic sign usage.

Office Locations

Corporate settings are a popular area for acrylic signs to thrive. From branded logos on both the interior and exterior of buildings to beautifully designed signs in lobbies and other common areas, there are many ways to implement these signs throughout an office building. You can have acrylic or plastic signs for directories, restrooms, meeting rooms, and more. Having these types of signs throughout the building can help in building brand identity and presence. With so many businesses throughout Los Angeles, a prominent custom sign can help you stand out from the rest of the pack.

Hospitality Industry

Acrylic or plastic signs with 3D letters are common in restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses. Some examples include acrylic menu boards, hotel lobby signs with information, and signs with rules for hotel pools and other amenities. Whether your focus is overall branding, to be informative, or just to have them used for decoration, acrylic signs provide creative freedom.

Retail Space

If you walk into a high-end retail store, chances are you will see multiple acrylic or plastic signs. Illuminated signs work well in these types of spaces and can sit on shelves next to products. Since retail space can be limited, smaller acrylic signs are more common, but there is still an opportunity to have a larger brand sign or front desk/cash register sign.

Event Signs

Most special events are co-sponsored by multiple brands. Acrylic signs work as a perfect vessel for advertising throughout the event space. Freestanding signs work great as they can be transported between different rooms in the event space. You can also play with illumination, container-style custom letters filled with objects, and other design aspects to create a visually stunning display. Having multiple acrylic signs around an event space will leave a lasting brand impression and remind attendees who are putting on the special event.

Printing Styles for Acrylic Signs

Standard Printed

Standard printing involves laying the logo or design on the front panel, or surface. There are clear or opaque design finishes to choose from depending on what you are going for. If you go with a clear design, there is typically a white layer mimicking the shape of your design placed behind it to enhance its visibility and color quality.

Reverse Printed

With reverse printing, the brand image or logo is printed on the back panel of the sign. This works to better protect the image from scratches and other natural weathering effects. Standard printed signs leave a matte finish on the front panel due to the actual design. Reverse printed signs give you the option of having a glossy finish for the front panel since the design is on the back. This can enhance the logo's overall clarity.


Double-printed signs can involve having the same mirror image printed on both sides for added depth and clarity. They can also have two different designs on either panel to double the sign's exposure. Different logos on either side require an opaque finish so the two designs do not clash with each other.

Letter Options

Our signs can come with either acrylic or plastic letters. Acrylic letters have a different visual effect than plastic letters. Our team is happy to go through the difference with you to determine which would be better with your design and budget.

Our Services

We offer multiple services for each component of the acrylic sign process. We offer these services throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area. You can read more about these serviceshere.

Sign Site Surveying

We can help you pinpoint the perfect location for your new acrylic sign. Choosing an optimal location is one of the first steps and can make or break the sign's overall effectiveness. Our team can come out to your business to survey multiple locations and help you choose the best one.

Signage Design

Our creative team can help you brainstorm the sign that fits your vision! Whether you want 3D letters, illumination, clear or opaque finishes, container letters, or another component, we can provide high-quality graphic and electrical designs for your brand.

Sign Permitting

Don't go through all the work of designing and placing a sign and then have to take it down due to not getting the proper permits. We can interpret your city's building code to ensure your sign is built with the correct materials and fits any mandated specifications. This will speed up the permit approval process.

Installation and Maintenance

Once your permits are approved and the design is finalized, our team can have it installed quickly. We understand the need for signage and work to have everything installed as fast as possible so that customers can get familiar with your brand. We offer full-scale installation both indoors and outdoors.

We also provide service and maintenance for any issues that arise with your sign. If you need your sign cleaned, repaired, or otherwise maintained, contact our professional team to ensure your sign is functioning at 100% capacity.

Sign Removal

Need to get rid of an old sign to make room for your new beautifully designed acrylic sign? We can remove and haul away the old sign without any hassle.

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Ready to get started? Contact our team to kick off the design process and tell us more about what you are looking for in acrylic branding. We are happy to discuss creative ideas with you and help you find your ideal branded sign package whether that includes 3D letters, container letters, or another design aspect. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, as our expert staff can point you in the right direction and address any concerns you may have.