Create Custom, High-Quality Scoreboards in Los Angeles

Digital scoreboards do so much more than tallying the score of your sporting event. At Los Angeles Sign Company, we'll create custom scoreboards with eye-catching graphics that capture your audience's attention. Whether you want an interactive scoreboard or something more traditional, our team of design experts has got you covered. 

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What Type of Scoreboard Is Best?

There are a few types of sports scoreboards that you can choose from for your arena, gymnasium, or field. We have multiple options available based on your budget and needs. 

Traditional Scoreboards

A traditional scoreboard is relatively simple in technology and design, making it a budget-friendly choice. Traditional scoreboards get illuminated with incandescent bulbs. While not as high-tech as electronic scoreboards, traditional scoreboards are a popular, customizable option. 


You can customize your scoreboard to match your school or team colors and display images of your mascot, the American flag, or logos of your sponsors. Imagery can get mounted as signage or backlit to make an impact. These are a cost-effective option due to lack of video display 

Traditional scoreboards are easy-to-use. With modern technology, you can easily control the scoreboard from your smartphone or another device. 

Digital Scoreboard Signs

Another name for digital scoreboards is electronic or LED scoreboards. Scoreboards that utilize LED bulbs are more energy-efficient and last longer than incandescent bulbs. 

One of the benefits of digital scoreboards is the information you can display. You can showcase advertising messages, player names, and stats directly on the scoreboard. 


Fans can stay up to date on the stats and scores of the game. LED scoreboards can be seen from a long distance, making them beneficial for larger stadiums. These scoreboards create opportunities for advertising to generate ongoing ad revenue and will keep your audience engaged throughout the sporting event

Entice your audience to attend your next sporting event or purchase merchandise using a digital scoreboard. 

Interactive Scoreboards

Interactive elements can get incorporated into any scoreboard. Feature a continuous display on your scoreboard similar to a TV screen. Interactive scoreboards are a versatile option that grabs the attention of your audience. 


These scoreboards showcase instant replays, live-action videos, and advertisements. They also provide fans with a 360° view of the action with a center-hung interactive scoreboard.

Arena Displays

Take advantage of large spaces throughout your venue and stadium with arena displays. Visitors to your location can view advertisements and promotions, encouraging them to make additional purchases. 


Advertise restaurants, gift shops, and more located throughout the arena. You can increase your revenue opportunities with more promotional space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scoreboards

How Do I Know if I Need a New Scoreboard?

You might be building a new arena from the ground up and are looking for a scoreboard partner. Perhaps your current scoreboard is old and needs an upgrade. 

Your scoreboard will show signs of wear and tear over the years. It could start to fade or get damaged.

Older scoreboards also have limited functionality. You might want to invest in a scoreboard that offers more to your players and audience. 

No matter your reason, our Los Angeles Sign Company experts can help you. Contact us today to speak with one of our specialists. 

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How Much Do Scoreboards Cost?

The cost of your scoreboard depends upon various factors like size, technology, type of sport, customization, and installation fees.

Contact Los Angeles Sign Company to receive a free, custom quote. 

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Can I Get Temporary Signage for a Special Event?

You might be hosting a special event that requires you to cover up all sponsored graphics. We can provide you with temporary signage to do that. 

The options that we can offer you depend upon the type of scoreboard you currently have. Some of the options include vinyl banners and decals. One of our design experts will work with you to figure out the best solution. 

Does it Matter if My Scoreboard Will be Inside or Outside?

The location of your scoreboard does play a factor. Outdoor electronic scoreboards are made differently than the ones that will be inside. That's because they have to withstand different weather elements. 

How Long Will it Take to Get My Scoreboard?

Our process is designed to be professional and efficient. We source and install our scoreboards using the best scoreboard installers in the Los Angeles area. We don't sacrifice quality to get the job done faster. 

How Our Scoreboard Installation Process Works

Step One: Design and Consulting

During the first phase, we'll meet with you and your team. We'll discuss the project proposal and go over the initial designs. Once we grasp your needs, we'll schedule a site visit. 

Step Two: Contract and Budget Approval 

We'll deliver the final contract for your approval. We'll also send a deposit invoice and review financing options. 

Step Three: Pre-Construction and Manufacturing

Our team will work closely with you to finalize the drawings and specs for the scoreboard. We'll coordinate installation time, ensuring it happens at a convenient time for you. 

We'll start to prep the final materials needed for your scoreboard construction. Then, we'll transport everything in our secure vehicles to your location for assembly. 

Step Four: Construction and Installation 

Our installation team will get to work installing your scoreboard. We'll work with your facility staff to ensure a smooth and seamless installation. 

Step Five: Sign Maintenance and Customer Support

Once your scoreboard is installed, we'll schedule a call with you. You can let us know of anything you're not happy with. We'll also schedule training with your staff so everyone knows how the scoreboard works. 

Keeping your scoreboard looking its best and functioning properly is vital. We're available to provide you with scoreboard maintenance to keep it looking brand new. 

Elevate Your Arena, Stadium, or Event Space With Custom Scoreboards

Whether you're looking for traditional or digital scoreboards, Los Angeles Sign Company has got you covered. Reach out to us today to request a free, custom quote.

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