Premium Quality ADA Sign Solutions for Your Building

Ensure the signage in your building is ADA compliant for great accessibility. We help you follow the legal requirements while supplying you with stylish custom ADA signs that suit your brand. 

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ADA Sign Features

All signs of our ADA signs are manufactured to ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). Choose from a variety of quality materials and pre-set designs or custom design services.

You are welcome to use your existing branding and we can adjust it for ADA compliance. We can use a mix of materials, colors, and textures to achieve your design. We use durable and secure materials, fittings, and fixtures for interior and exterior use. 

The long-lasting finish on all ADA signs will keep them looking new for years to come. Take advantage of our full installation service for ultimate safety and peace of mind.

ADA Signage Options

As an architect, designer, or contractor, you need to ensure building signage is ADA compliant. Non-compliance leads to heavy fines.

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) law provides equal rights and opportunities for people with disabilities in public life. This includes making indoor and outdoor signage legible in public buildings and businesses. 

Our team of ADA sign experts can help you understand the requirements for your signage to comply with the law. We combine your stylish branding, quality materials, and excellent accessibility in your custom ADA signs. Here are some options we can offer.

ADA Acrylic Signs

Acrylic is a wonderfully versatile material that can be used in almost any setting. Available in a wide variety of colors, transparency, and ADA designs. Acrylic is a strong and durable laser engraved plastic making it a great option for ADA braille signs.

Custom Acrylic ADA Signs

Get all the benefits of using acrylic with a custom design to perfectly suit your branding or decor. ADA signs can comply with the law and look beautiful in your branding colors or style. 

Custom California Title 24 Signs

Title 24 California Building Standards Code includes signage for safety and accessibility. These standards surpass those of ADA including braille signs requiring 'California Braille Spacing'.

ADA Acrylic Braille Signs

ADA braille signs used to only exist in offices, hospitals, and hotels. Now they are becoming commonplace in every public building, and place of work. ADA guidelines specify you need braille signage if your building has a snack area, waiting room, fitness center, mailroom, gift shop, or coat storage.

ADA Wayfinding Signs

Any public building has a wide selection of wayfinding signs to mark out emergency exits and floor numbers, etc. These must be ADA signs to enable everyone to read them and efficiently navigate the building. 

Entranceway ADA Signs

Proper entrance signage is vital for visitors to confirm they're in the right place. Entrance signs clarify the purpose of each doorway to help people find their way into your facility.

Custom Layered Acrylic ADA Signs

Add another level of design and style to your signage while remaining ADA approved. We have many styles and fonts to choose from with additional braille. 

Custom Wood ADA Signs

Our teams of experienced designers and manufacturers are able to use wood for your ADA signs. For some facilities, wooden signs will complement their decor while providing a pleasing natural texture.

Custom Acrylic - Wood ADA Signs

Just because a sign is ADA compliant doesn't mean you have to skip on aesthetics. A popular combination of acrylic and wood creates a contemporary look for your ADA braille signs. 

Custom Aluminum ADA Signs

Sturdy, rust-free aluminum signs are great for exterior ADA signage. While our projecting signs are specially designed for long hallways and rooms, you can also choose 3D room ID signs too.

ADA Restroom Signs

California regulations for restrooms require a door sign and an adjacent wall sign to help identify men's, women's, gender-neutral, and unisex restrooms.

If you have a restroom that is not accessible it must have a geometric sign (a wall sign without the International Symbol of Accessibility) and a directional sign near the restroom to guide people to the nearest accessible restroom.

Custom ADA Room Signs

Allow people to find the correct room with custom directional and room signage. Choose any material or design to label each room with clear text and braille.

Custom Cut-Out Metal ADA Signs

Our precision-cut metal signs exude sophistication without skipping on ADA regulations. Smooth, safe, and polished metal ADA signs are a popular choice for indoor or outdoor signage.

Raised Letter ADA Signs

Level up your ADA signs with raised lettering. Depending on your lighting, the letters will create a shadow helping them look even more 3D. This is also a great option for logos and symbols. 

Glass ADA Signs

Glass adds a unique texture to braille signs. We can combine glass with another material such as wood or metal to suit your existing decor. Add printed, engraved, or raised logos and letters for extra accessibility.

ADA Fire Safety Signs

Our attention-grabbing directional exit signs can mark a path in an emergency or direct visitors to proper locations. We can use arrows and graphics for simple yet effective fire exit signage, always ADA compliant.

ADA Sign Compliant Lettering

One of the most important elements of ADA signage is lettering and font. All important text must be in a sans serif font with no italics or overly bold lettering. We'll incorporate compliant text guidelines into every ADA sign we create without skipping on style. 


Can ADA signs be made using my existing branding?

Yes, our design team will work with you to ensure your custom design suits your brand while remaining ADA compliant.

How long will my ADA signs last?

We provide a lifetime guarantee on our ADA signs in Los Angeles. We can help you with proper sign installation and excellent sign maintenance to make your signs last. 

Do I need a permit for ADA signs?

The Los Angeles Department of Building and safety require signage permits for many types of signs. Unlike some sign companies in Los Angeles, our team handles the entire permit process.

Improve Accessibility With Compliant ADA Signs

ADA signs for your building will allow you to avoid hefty fines while showing professionalism and consideration. Our custom ADA sign designs will suit your brand and decor while helping others navigate your building. 

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