Sign Removal

Hassle-free, stress-free sign removal anytime Businesses come and go and so do your signage. You may be moving to a new office or renovating your shop so will need to temporarily take down your sign. Custom Signs Los Angeles provides stress-free, efficient and quick sign removal services for your business.

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Sign removal is inevitable. You may be moving to a larger, bigger office, or renovating your shop to accommodate more customers, and so you will need to take down your signage. Many are stressed over sign removal. You may be worried about holes and marks left by the sign, and if you’re using the signage in your new location, you certainly don’t want to damage your signage and make it unusable.

Fret not because Custom Signs Los Angeles offers sign removal services in the Los Angeles area. Whether you’re a property management company or an individual business owner, we can remove your signs fast and quick with the least damage to your sign and property. We guarantee one of the fastest turnaround in when it comes to sign removal.

In addition, we also do repainting and patching of walls to cover up the holes and marks left by the sign. We can match the pain color of the existing wall so you get the same original look.